Am I crazy?

Ginger says,”Get out of the box, Barb!”


After all, I live in gorgeous, picture-perfect San Diego. In a small, beautiful, comfortable city condo just blocks from world-famous Balboa Park and minutes from the Embarcadero and downtown.  I’ve been in this wonderful city for 30 years.  Thirty years!!!

So why on earth am I obsessively researching a move to México?

I just don’t know if I can…or want…to stay in the U.S. much longer.  The practical reasons:

  • I’m in my late 50s…and only a handful of years from Medicare and Social Security.  Given the profound political changes, I wonder if they’ll still be available for me
  • I’m self-employed.  It’s getting harder to make enough income to live a solid middle-class lifestyle with a sprinkling of life’s little luxuries (hair salon, brow salon, nail salon, massages, the occasional shot of Botox…hey, I’m a SoCali woman!   🙂
  • I want to travel more, which is getting harder and harder to afford

The emotional reasons:

  • I feel trapped by my lack of disposable income
  • After years of a successful, mostly workaholic career…I just don’t want to work that hard anymore (gasp!)
  • Although I live in blue Cali, I’m increasingly depressed by the direction the U.S. is taking — and was even before the election
  • I’m bored shitless

So is it time for a change?  To shake things up?  To say f* it, I’m outta here?

That’s what I’m gonna find out. And I want to share my adventures…the good, bad, ugly, fun, embarrassing, painful, interesting, joyful, stupid, ridiculous, amazing…by golly, the whole enchilada (yes, it was time for a bad pun)…right here.

¡Vaya conmigo! (come with me!)  Strap on in…and let’s check out this crazy place called México.  Hasta luego…

3 thoughts on “Am I crazy?

  1. Ok strapped on and ready for the adventure! Excited, can’t wait to live vicariously through my BFF.🇲🇽

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